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This past month I’ve spent a lot of time painting in my garden. Beautiful days in early autumn are perfect for plopping down into a chair and painting for an hour. Another way I like to paint outdoors is to walk with my sketchbook and draw plants along the way, observing plant life around me, deciding where it might fit on the page, and making up the composition as I go along. If I’m in a place where I don’t have space to paint or if the weather is threatening or if I’m crunched for time, I’ll draw each plant in pencil, take a photo, and move along the trail, finishing up the color at a picnic table at the site or in my studio.

My favorite way to paint outside though is by setting aside an hour or so, taking the first few minutes to just observe the plant: colors, structure, surroundings, and only after that decide how I want to present it on the sketchbook page. Here are some examples of my latest outdoor sketching.

I’ve been experimenting with some supplies I didn’t know I had (thanks to a leaky ceiling, I had to move lots of stuff out of the way to get them away from water). As a result of this unfortunate leak (turned out to be a deteriorating collar on one of the roof vents), I found a box of Caran D’Ache wax pastels. They look like crayons and even act like crayons when used, but when you go over the places you’ve colored with water, voila! Like magic, the most brilliant color appears. I’m going to paint more of these, so if you’d like to order one like this mini 4x5 geranium on matboard that is displayed on a tiny wooden easel (included), you can find it on my website. Each one will be just a bit different than the one pictured, because that’s the nature of an original art piece.

My new studio painting is one I call “Wonky Sunflowers.” Instead of stressing over perfection I decided to let this one stand on its own as it is—imperfections and all, just like the kind you find in nature! It’s a 9x12 mixed media and for sale on my website as an original only. No prints or cards will be made from it.


Even though I’ll be closing up shop by December 31, 2021, I’m still taking and sending orders. Substitutions might be necessary on your order as stock is depleted, so please include your email address and a phone number where I can reach you if necessary.

I’ll still be painting outdoors on these sunny fall days—it’s always fun to capture the wonderful colors of the season! Painting inside is always an option, and I’ll be experimenting further with my wax pastels and any other supplies I might find as a result of my ongoing quest for an organized studio. (Is that even possible?!)


A portion of all my website sales have gone to help stock the shelves of my local food pantry to feed thirty hungry families in my area. Thank you for all your help by ordering my artwork and making these donations possible.


I have recently ordered more tee shirts, both lilac and geranium, so I’m sure to have your size! Check out the size chart and ordering details on my website,


My books make wonderful souvenirs of your trip to Mackinac Island. They are also great gifts for all occasions. BothMackinac Island Meditations and Garden Meditations are 32 pages of illustrations reproduced from my original watercolor paintings along with scripture verses, meditations, and prayers. A perfect gift for a loved one—or a treat for yourself. Order online at or find it in one of the fine shops on Mackinac Island or in Mackinaw City.


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I’ve heard October described as “Mother Nature’s Showtime” and this couldn’t be more accurate! Colors are popping up all over, and I’ve spent almost as much time outdoors in the last month as I have during summer months. Am I storing up memories for the long winter ahead? You bet I am! I hope you all have a wonderful month ahead as you store up your own memories.