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If we can’t travel overseas in real life right now, at least we can travel in our imaginations. I am currently enrolled in an online watercolor class called “Postcards from Paris” taught by Dreama Tolle Perry. So far she has taken us to an antiques market, a flower shop, and a bakery where we have painted some delightful scenes. I am offering some Paris scenes inspired by my class work as cards and prints on my website. More to come as I finish them so you can have them in your home and travel to Paris through my artwork too.


I’ve taken many of my original paintings to my framer for professional matting and framing—she knows how to show off a piece of art to its best with her special treatment and some are now available to you on my website,




Geranium T-shirt

They are the hottest offering on my website right now! When I designed these shirts I had no idea we’d be in the middle of a pandemic during the usual busy summer tee shirt season. I placed the order in early March, but then suddenly everything was shut down across the country. The representative from the tee shirt manufacturer asked if I still wanted to place my order. I took a leap of faith, said yes, and never looked back. My art tee shirts have turned out to be a popular item not only on my website, but at Artists Market of Mackinac Island. So in early August I placed another order of 160 shirts and am now re-stocked in most sizes. I never would have guessed!

You might consider buying one as a Christmas gift—they look cute under a jean jacket too!

This has been a pretty wild ride—people say they like my shirts not only because of the bright artwork but because they are more stylish than traditional unisex tee shirts. See my website for shirt details, size chart, and ordering information.

I’m already planning a new design for next year, but you’ll have to wait till then to see what it will be…stay tuned!


As you know by now, all of my classes for summer and fall have been cancelled due to the virus. Spending the winter months in Florida is out of the question for me. It’s just too risky. We’ll see what 2021 brings before I schedule any new classes. I miss my students and teaching terribly, but we know this won’t last forever. Fingers crossed!


I was pleased to be asked to do some small black and white illustrations that begin each of the 12 chapters for a book to be released on September 15, “The Twelve Gifts from the Garden” by Charlene Costanzo. It’s an inspirational book with lots of gardening information set in the botanical garden on Sanibel Island, Florida—my winter getaway. Here’s what Charlene says about her book:
     “Readers are asked to imagine walking in the author’s sandals and perceiving the flowers, roots, leaves, and trees as she did, which was sometimes with whimsy, often with wonder, always with awe. I am thrilled to have Mary Lou Peters’ pen and ink illustrations as a part of this book. Her light touch, whimsy, and love for nature, this garden, and Sanibel Island are in her drawings.”

Charlene’s book will be released on September 15, but you may pre-order from Amazon. Read more about the author on


My books make nice gifts for any occasion—each page is illustrated with my original watercolor paintings. These books are for sale on my website.




I enjoy interacting with readers of my Facebook posts on my page, Watercolor Paintings by Mary Lou Peters. I post nearly every day, either a brand new painting or a popular painting from the past.

My new Instagram account is fun—I’m learning lots of new things as I learn to navigate through this land of hashtags. You can follow me if you like at #maryloupeterspainter.


Adaptability is the name of the game. I am finding ways to deal with the changes this virus has brought with it for me, as you probably are too. In looking for ways to replace the classes and students I’ve usually had the privilege of teaching during the summer, I looked into teaching online, but because I live in a rather remote area, my internet hookup is not compatible with that. I’ve decided that there are many teachers out there who can do this much better than I can and I’m finding time to actually TAKE some classes from them: oils, acrylics, watercolors, and mixed media. I’m appreciating the JOY I am feeling as I paint and the time I have to be creative in different ways. I hope you will find some JOY during this time that is so different!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who has purchased a tee shirt or piece of art—I truly appreciate your part in helping me live my dream!

Stay safe and healthy, everyone!

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