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MAY 2021


It’s so exciting to see my lilac design come to life on my new tee shirt. And now you can get one of your very own to wear just in time for the summer blossoming season! The lilac is an iconic Mackinac Island flower, and you’ll be able to wear this all summer long. Full description and size chart and ordering information is on my website. Look for Lilac Teeshirt under FOR FUN! Geranium shirts are also available, so you can order one of each!


New this month are many more “littles” in my series: small paintings displayed on tiny wooden easels—geraniums and tulips to usher in the very welcome warmer weather. The little paintings I’ve finished are all wrapped and ready for Lilacs and Lace Gallery on beautiful Mackinac Island. This series is ongoing—I’ll be painting more tulips and geraniums as the season progresses, and as my garden starts to bloom I’ll find even more varieties of pretty flowers to paint. These little paintings are perfect as a hostess gift or to add a spot of cheer for your own home office desk. If you have a special request for a certain color pot or vase, let me know when you order on the Original Paintings section of my website in the NOTES section and I’ll see what I can do!


Presenting, just in time for all the spring flowers that will be blooming this month, a new palette of rich watercolor paints, my third collaboration with Letter Sparrow, a small independent paint company. My new “Garden Palette” is inspired by memories and paintings of the varied-colored flowers in my summer garden. The colors are vibrant as is, or they can be easily mixed to create even more shades of brilliance. Kelly Hollstrom owner and maker of these wonderfully rich handmade paintings, will be releasing this new palette on May 8 for purchase on her website: I’ve added this one to my growing collection of Letter Sparrow palettes—I now have seven of them, each filled with wonderful colors!



I’ve put together four artwork orders for businesses in town and will be doing more as shops open up on Mackinac Island. This is a busy time of year, and from all indications people are looking forward to traveling again, so it’s predicted that shops will be busier than ever. For me this means producing more designs and putting together more orders. My website sales have been active all through the winter keeping me very busy, and I love it!


A portion of all my website sales have gone to help stock the shelves of my local food pantry to feed thirty hungry families in my area. Thank you for all your help by ordering my artwork and making these donations possible.


If you’ve reached out to me asking about when I will be doing live classes, thanks so much. Living during this pandemic sure has had me thinking a lot and figuring out next steps for what I want to do with my business. I’ve made a decision that when I begin to teach classes again, they will only be in my home studio and garden, not anywhere else. I know things will start to open up at some point and teaching here at home is what I will feel most comfortable doing. Watch future newsletters for announcements about classes.


My books make wonderful Mother’s Day gifts for that special lady who means so much to you. Both Mackinac Island Meditations and Garden Meditations are 32 pages of illustrations reproduced from my original watercolor paintings along with scripture verses, meditations, and prayers. My books are perfect gifts for a loved one—or treat yourself to one of my books. If you’d like a personalized message in your book, let me know in the notes when you order online.




Come join the fun and follow me on Facebook (Watercolor Paintings by Mary Lou Peters) and on Instagram (#maryloupeterspainter) as we connect over artwork. If you are already a follower, thank you!


When we didn’t know much about how this virus was transmitted, my daughter and I would share weekly masked and distanced visits in my heated storage area attached to the garage. As we sat amidst the clutter of holiday decorations, huge rolls of bubble wrap, and boxes containing who-knows-what, Vikki asked, “Have you ever thought about using this as a studio?” My first thought was “Why? I already have a studio inside the house.” But as I thought about it, I pictured my cluttered home studio with a jumble of watercolor, acrylic and oil paints, paper, canvas, brushes—so much stuff in a small space that it spilled out onto the kitchen counter, dining room, and living room. As Vikki and I sat in the storage space, we began to ask each other “What if..” questions such as “What if we moved that table over here?” and “What if we moved those huge rolls of bubble wrap over there?”

Soon the idea was taking shape in my head. I could have a dedicated area out here for acrylic and oil painting, leaving my home studio devoted solely to watercolor painting. So on a Saturday morning Vikki and her husband Scott came over and within three hours transformed this once cluttered area where I had to search for things I thought might be there to a space where everything had a home and was now well-organized in easy-to-reach places. And bonus! I now have a space to spread out big painting projects in acrylics and oils. All because we asked ourselves “What if…” You never know where these two simple words might lead!

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